Water Leak Teapoint Package


water Leak Alarms Product Features


  • Detects the presence of water and outputs an alarm.
  • BMS interface via a volt free relay output and relay output as standard for connection to valves, sounder/beacons, repeater panels and text diallers.
  • Easy to install utilising push fit terminal connectors, minimal commissioning and maintenance required.
  • This kit includes everything required to protect your tea point / kitchen area including an auto shut-off valve and sensor


How It Works

 Water (unless purified) contains contaminants such as ions and salts and it’s these within the water that are conductive.  The sensors (conductors) used for leak detection are separated by a carrier and the water acts as a path for very low electrical signal to pass from one to the other.  It is this action that triggers the alarm. .


Included In The Package


This is a complete system designed to be installed in Tea Points to protect areas around and under them. It is an easy to install system that uses a 3m sensor tape positioned under the kick boards, held in place with floor clips.  Should water touch the tape at any point, the alarm will trigger.  It has a relay connection to a valve that will switch off the water immediately a leak occurs, as well as a volt free relay for connecting to the BMS.

Everything needed to install a water leak detection system for a Tea Point area is included in the kit. It’s a straight forward installation so you can be up and running quickly and easily.  Envirotech Alarms technical staff are also available on the end of the phone should you wish to speak to us.

Video courtesy of Envirotech Alarms

Check out this great video supplied by Envirotech Alarms